Through the use of special equipment nell'inalaterapia are introduced in the ear-nose-throat system and major energy respiratory gases and mineral water vapors. The mineral water then fractionated finely diffused in the form of very small particles. The gases and substances contained in the water used for both local actions on the respiratory mucosa is, by absorption, the surrounding tissue and therefore a general action. The main inhalation treatments are divided into: hot-humid inhalations, sprays, aerosols and humages (emanations). In hot-humid inhalations application it consists of inhaling a liter of mineral water in 15-20 minutes. The widespread mineral water in the form of particles about 100 microns (1 micron = 1 thousandth of a millimeter). E 'useful to make a cycle 15 sessions, in the morning. The suctioned from specific mineral water mixes with water vapor and has a leveling of their temperatures, then it happens that the heavy particles are eliminated (after sitting in fact the second full container) while small are inhaled.

(Medical Guide to cures of Ischia Dott. A. Mazza)

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